Dang! Just came across this gem from October 2002 when @thisisdavidrees gave a talk for us at the @harvardadvocate David had a donation button on mnftiu.cc that would solicit various goods–at one point he wanted a Brooks Brothers suit. I called my mom who has all the thrift store hookups in the desert southwest and was like, “yo, send me the finest Brooks suit you can find!” Got it, had it dry cleaned. Was pumped. Then met David and discovered he was like 6’9″ and my suit was for someone about 5’8″…but he left Cambridge with a suit! Or did he? By far the best guest we had during my tenure and we brought the ruckus in 02-03. Years later while teaching in SF, an administrator asked me why I was teaching Get Your War On…I was like, because “Operation: Enduring Our Freedom is in the motherfucking house!” That was my last year teaching. But so pleased to see DR teaching and tearing it up on Going Deep